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Body Waxing Treatments

Body Waxing Treatment

Waxing is a great way to reduce hair growth. With waxing the hair will grow back slower, it will be lighter in colour, softer in texture and most hairs will not grow back at all. How this works is interesting. Hair has four cycles of growth. This means not all the hair grows back all at the same time. When the hair is pulled out from the follicle and it is attached to the walls and the base of the hair follicle the fine lining of the hair follicle comes out as well. This lining will have to re-establish itself and grow back before the hair can grow back. This takes time. Also the more times this lining is removed the more scar tissue builds up in the follicle. Hair needs blood supply to regrow. When there is enough scar tissue in the follicle no blood supply can get to the hair to grow. This has a lot of positives. The more times the hair gets pulled out the less discomfort or painful the procedure will be, but because there are less hairs growing back the procedure becomes more comfortable.

Underarm Wax   $20                     untitled

Bikini Wax   $25

G String Bikini Wax   $30

Half Leg Wax   $35

Full Leg Wax   $45

Back Wax   $45

Chest Wax   $45

Shoulder Wax   $15

Lower Arm Wax   $25

Upper Arm Wax   $25